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When should Viagra not be taken? Viagra is not recommended in cases where it is expected that a series of sexual intercourse will take more than six hours. The fact is that you can take only one tablet of Viagra per day, and its effect lasts from four to six hours. Therefore, in the case of a sex marathon, it is better to opt for Cialis. Also, Viagra should be abandoned in cases where a man plans to consume large amounts of alcohol and fatty foods. On the modern drug market, there are other types of drugs that are compatible with any kind of food and alcoholic beverages. Another reason to refuse Viagra, or at least consult a doctor, is problems with the heart and intestines. In this case, only a specialist will be able to say for sure whether there is a risk to health. And if it really exists, choose those drugs that will not cause negative consequences.

Sex is an important part of everyone's life. Especially men. For guys, winning in bed becomes an indicator that they are real men who can satisfy their woman. This attitude towards sex and sexual intercourse is not surprising. Since ancient times, sex has been cultivated, and although after the formation of the Church, people began to impose the idea that this process is blasphemy, nothing much has changed. People still continued to indulge in carnal pleasures, and men judged themselves not only by how much they earned and what kind of house they could build, but also by their love victories. And if a man could not satisfy a woman, it became a real tragedy for him. A representative of the stylish sex could become depressed or even think about suicide.

The first drugs to improve potency: Viagra, Cialis

Therefore, from time immemorial, herbalists and healers have come up with various tinctures that were supposed to return male power. They developed diets, mixed different foods. Such elixirs and dishes gave their effect, but this was not enough. Men wanted to have sex, being sure that the erection would not disappear. And herbalists could not give such guarantees. Because of this, the representatives of the stronger sex continued to worry and complex even more. And, as you know, an erection largely depends on the psychological state. So the guys got more and more upset, annoyed and became impotent.